About Us

 The Polish Folk Group Podhalanie gathers together Highlanders (pl. górale; Ethnic group of People living on the border between Poland and Slovakia and also Poland and Czech Republic) from the Podhale (area of Tatra Mountains the part of Polish Carpathian Mountains) and Polish Culture lovers. The members know they origin and because of that, they share the Polish folklore.  It is important to be true about the culture while living in a foreign country. That is why they represent the polish folklore in Austria.


  The members are all adults, but there are also children and Teenagers involved. These youngest ones are the polish future in Austria. With pleasure, they assist their parents at the concerts.


  We show our passion throughout dance, song and music. The choreography consists of the Podhale area dances. The most honourable parts of the dance are: solówka (solo dance between a man and a woman), dwójka (2 pairs dancing), czwórka (4 pairs dancing) and zbójnicki (danced only by men).