Christmas Carol on Kahlenberg

On 12. January on Kahlenberg we will sing for you after the 12 o'clock Service.

Harvest Festival on Kahlenberg

We invite you to celebrate 336. Jubilee of Battle of Kahlenberg and 36. Jubilee of St. John Paul II visit to Kahlenberg. The Service will start at 10.00 o’clock on 8th September 2019 on Kahlenberg. 

After our time in the Church join us for the fest. 

100th Jubilee of Polish Highlanders Association of Poland

We are proud to inform you, that the year 2019 is a special one for the Polish Highlanders Association of Poland. 

Between 3rd and 4th August 1919 the Polish Highlanders Association of Poland have been created. Creators were politicians, priests and writers. The first chairman was Jakub Zachemski.

Because of that we are celebrating associations 100th Jubilee. As the Polish Highlanders Alliance in Austria we are not forgetting our traditions. We are proud to take part in the celebration. 

22. August 2019 we will perform in Zakopane, Poland.

25. August 2019 we will perform in Cracow, Poland. 


We invite you to watch us and celebrate with us. 


More about the Association 


Katarzyna Marek Fatla, is one of four Persons, who created Polish Highlanders Association of Austria. 

She is celebrating a special Jubilee. 

Best wishes for Your 80. Jubilee. Have a long life of health and happiness! 

Christmas carol on Rennweg

On January 27, we will give a Christmas carol concert in the Polish Church on Rennweg.

Afer the Service at 13.15 o'clock we invite you to listen.

Nations Sunday

This Sunday, 09/30, at 10.15 a Service "Under the Sign of Solidarity with Refugees" will take place in Stephansdom.

Like every year we will also take part in Nations Sunday. 

After the Service we will discover the cousin and culture of itch country.

Harvest Festival on Kahlenberg

The Polish National Sanktuary invites you to Harvest Festival on Kahlenberg. 

The Service will be hold on 09/09/2018 at 10 o'clock. 

We will be celebrating the 335. Jubilee of the Battle of Vienna and 35. Jubilee of Pope's John Paul II visit on Kahlenberg. 

The Service will be performed by the archbishop of Gniezno Wojciech Polak, Primate of Poland. 

The celebration starts in the Sobieski's Chapel with laying down the flowers. 

Responsible for the music will be the Archcathedral Choir from Katowice.

Conductor - Krzysztof Kaganiec

Afther the official part in the Church we and another Groups from Poland and Austria will perform in front of the Church. 


Host - Liliana Niesielska

Linz - The 10th Jubilee Meeting and the Games of Polish diaspora in Upper Austria

On 16/06/2018 we were invited to Linz by the Polish Diaspora in Upper Austria to the 10th Polish Games to perform. This took place at the "ASKÖ Steg Linz" stadium. We have watched the Children Folk Dance Group "Oberek" from Linz.

We also applauded the winners of the Games soccer team PTTS Beskid Zaolzie Czechy.

Around 16 o'clock we performed. 

Later the Miss Polonia of Summer 2018 elections were held. Three of our dancers took part in it. One of them, Nicole Naglak, took 2nd place.

Have a look in our gallery and on the Facebook profile.